About Redbridge Group

The team of Redbridge Group has experienced professionals, with more than 25 years in the international insurance and reinsurance industry. Most of the members of its team have worked together for many years in the development and expansion of Redbridge, achieving significant company growth.


The growth of Redbridge in recent years has been cosiderable, becoming an insurance and reinsurance organization for life, health and property and contingency, very significant both for the risk it assumes and the service capabilities it offersin many areas specialized products.


Redbridge aims to continue its growth through the development of solid and lasting relationships with its clients, becoming a leading group in life, health and property insurance and reinsurance and contingency in Latin America.


Redbridge Group exercises its operations with underwriting authority through renowned reinsurers, which allows it to offer its clients flexible risk coverage, with deductibles and personalized rates of extreme quality. Redbridge Reinsurance Managers, headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, has reinsurers around the world, with excellent qualifications and international prestige.


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Main Services by companies:


REDBRIDGE RE underwrites and manages reinsurance coverage of a broad portfolio of personal lines and also property and contingency. The structure of our consortium of reinsurers is in the evaluation of health and life hedges. We offer a wide variety of services that provide both reinsurance companies and insurers, with flexible and individualized reinsurance services.

OFICINAS: Miami, Guatemala, Argentina y Costa Rica.


  • Actuarial Support
  • Training and Evaluation Manual

  • Design of Policies and Benefits

  • Reinsurance Audit

  • Administrative and Financial Management

  • Health Risk Management

  • Canales de Distribución Múltiples


Redbridge Insurance Company, Ltd. was established in cooperation with Redbridge Group of Florida, Inc., a limited liability company based in Miami, which has professionals of more than 25 years in the insurance industry and reinsurance in the international market.

Redbridge Insurance Company subscribes a wide variety of health products, individual life, group life and general insurance. All Redbridge products have international coverage and a wide network of suppliers in Latin America, the United States of America and the rest of the world. Redbridge puts at your disposal a portfolio of highly competitive products, directed and oriented fundamentally to solve the needs that the different segments of the Latin American market require.Redbridge's reinsurance contracts are based on long-term relationships with renowned international renderers and reinsurers of great prestige and solvency, which allow Redbridge to offer high-level support and optimal security in its operations, thus guaranteeing peace of mind.

REDBRIDGE - Case Management and Claims Administration Division

Medical Risk Management - As a TPA, it processes and handles claims from insurance company clients, primarily on behalf of Redbridge Reinsurance Managers' reinsurance clients. Whether locally in the country of residence, the US (for policyholders who come to the US for treatment) or most places around the world, provides access to excellent provider networks. Offers programs of concurrent reviews, coordination of benefits and subrogations, detection of abuse and fraud and pre-certifications.


  • Medical Case Management
    Claims Handling
    International Operating Center 24/7
    Access to Preferred Provider Network


  • Conversion to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    Disaster recovery
    EDI module
    Call tracking
    Standard or custom reports.

CALL CENTER: Endowed with multilingual resources, it provides "VIP" services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in medical and non-medical situations, to individuals and groups traveling outside their country of residence. It handles all types of calls, which include: medical references, notification of admission to hospitals, general questions from both affiliates and service providers around the world.

OFICINAS: Miami, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Uruguay and Argentina.


Implements Managed Medical Care Services (24/7 Operating Center, Pre-Certifications, Adjustment of Medical Claims and Medical Audits, Risk Selection Support for life insurance policies and medical expenses, Development of Assistance Products on the Road and at Home, Dental, Exequial, Plans of Medical Consultations and others). Makes global benefit coordination, develops and administers outpatient health plans and provides management services for insurance companies. Provides reinsurance support for Property and Damage.


  • Medical Care Management Program with a range of discounts pre-negotiated to health providers, between 10 and 25%.
    Development and administration of health plans for outpatients.
    Special care for patients with terminal illness.
    Development and administration of assistance programs (Road, Home, Travel, Funeral and Dental Care and Vision).
    Coordination of benefits worldwide with an average of 10,000 coordinated assistance during the last 3 years.
    Property and Contingency Reinsurance.
    Development and Administration of Self-Financed Health Plans.
    Comprehensive Reinsurance Audits.
    Subscription of Life and Health insurance.
    Management Services for Insurance Companies.
    Call Center with Advanced Technologies, 24/7.
    Adjustment of Claims in less than 20 days.



Offers road, home, legal assistance, international travel assistance and reinsurance. In partnership with LMI Group, a company with financial advice and commercial structuring, Real Estate Broker and Mass Insurance Consultant.


Optional Reinsurance Intermediary for Property and Damages.



Provides medical care services administered to several local companies related to organ transplants and health coverage of major medical expenses.

Works in coordination with Redbridge Central America.



Redbridge Uruguay is a subsidiary of Redbridge Costa Rica. It is a company dedicated to providing support to insurance companies reinsured by Redbridge Re that operate in the health market. Its main function is to coordinate the medical services required by the insured within a broad network of reference providers. It also offers risk selection services for various companies linked to Redbridge, with specialized doctors for this purpose.



  • Selection of Risks.
  • Service Coordination.
  • Patient support
    Second Medical Opinion.
    Revision and control of invoices.
    Payment to suppliers.




Conduct Audits for Originators on behalf of the Reinsurers, ensuring that the guidelines and selection criteria are met with the greatest certainty.



Offers value-added services through coordinated assistance for emergencies and setbacks related to travel, transportation by roads, situations in the home, legal and funeral services.



Is an internationally recognized company as a leader in insurance management and support services, with a presence in numerous countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Oceania. ESSENTIAL offers high quality specialized management administrative services, as well as commercial promotion and sales support of international insurance products and assistance plans.
Essential Insurance promotes and manages these insurance products and assistance programs in international markets outside the United States of America and its territories.

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